Refund and Return Policy

Can I upgrade my Pairtree CORE subscription?

Yes. All upgrades to Pairtree CORE Pro or Enterprise take place immediately, so that from the date of the upgrade you will have access to the features of your new service.


I want to cancel / downgrade my subscription to a Pairtree Platform service; what is your refund policy?

If you decide to cancel your subscription with us, or, if you are a user of Pairtree CORE Pro or Enterprise and wish to downgrade to a lower subscription tier, your subscription will convert to the new lower subscription level or be cancelled at the end of the month in which you downgrade or cancel and if you are paying a:

(a)    monthly subscription, your new subscription price will commence at the beginning of the following month; and

(b)    if you are paying a yearly subscription, your yearly subscription fee will be pro rated at the end of the month in which you cancel or downgrade such that you will be charged at the new rate for the remaining months of your yearly subscription.

Therefore, if you cancel or downgrade on the 10th day of the month for example, you will be charged for your existing subscription for the remainder of the month, and then at your new rate for the months thereafter (no charge in the case of a cancellation). Where you have paid a yearly subscription, you will receive a refund equal to the difference between the yearly subscription price for your current subscription level and the yearly subscription price for your new subscription level.


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